About Us

Two things we know to be true:

  1. Personal growth starts with self-awareness.

  2. True connection – to your loved ones and your inner self – will make you feel better.

The Good Question Co. makes journal prompts and conversation cards that kickstart major self-reflection, get you thinking outside the box, and create connections that matter.

We’ll ask the questions, you just have to be brave enough to dig deep for honest answers.

Our Approach

Think of The Good Question Co. as a cross between a therapist and a journalist. We know how to ask the right questions for the moment: an unflinching one-on-one interview between you and your journal; or inviting prompts to spark lively discussion worthy of a late night show. 

Every question is crafted to unearth a nugget of truth about the respondent – digging into their thoughts, feelings and unique point of view to find out what makes them tick. 

Whether you’re feeling stuck, want to be a better partner, make more friends, build your self-confidence or just generally feel better, the key is understanding human stories.

To get to those stories, you’ve gotta ask good questions.
We’re good at that.

Our Mission

We’re building a world where self-improvement ≠ the aggressive pursuit of traditional success. There’s more to life than that!

The Good Question Co. is building a generation of people who are arriving at the happiest versions of themselves through thoughtfulness, authentic connection, self-respect and critical thinking. 

And we’re doing it by asking some really good questions of ourselves, and each other.

Who Are We?

The Good Question Co. was created by journalist Crystal Andrews, who is also the founder of feminist media publication Zee Feed